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More locations take BearBucks

Sept. 3, 2003

By Erin Wigtil, reporter

Students no longer have to search through their cars or dig in their pockets for 50 cents to buy sweet tea at Bush's Gold-N-Crisp Chicken. Now students only need their Baylor ID.

Bush's Chicken on Valley Mills Drive is one of the local restaurants now accepting BearBucks. Rother's Bookstore, University Bookstore & Spirit Shop, Smoothie King on West Waco Drive, Chili's Too @ BU and Starbucks in the Dutton Avenue Parking Garage and Parking Complex and Ryan's Grill, Buffet & Bakery all started accepting BearBucks for the 2003-2004 school year.

Student Body President Jeff Leach, a Plano junior, said he is excited about these new locations.

'We worked hard over the summer to get these places on board,' he said. 'We've wanted them for a long time.'

Brochures are available at various locations on campus that list information on all the businesses accepting BearBucks. The brochures also contain a map for students who still are adjusting to Waco.

Students can pick up brochures at the Bill Daniel Student Center and the McLane Student Life Center, along with other high-traffic areas around campus.

Leach said students especially expressed interest in adding Bush's Chicken to the list of merchants accepting BearBucks. Leach said his favorite place to use BearBucks is at Common Grounds.

Leach and Baylor administrators also worked this summer to add Wal-Mart to the list of BearBucks acceptors. Leach said the Baylor administration and Wells Fargo Bank still are working out the logistics of bringing in a big corporation like Wal-Mart.

While Leach said there is a very good chance of Wal-Mart eventually accepting BearBucks, no date has been set yet.

One issue that has kept bigger companies and certain restaurants from joining BearBucks is the sale of alcohol. Currently all companies that accept BearBucks do not sell alcohol.

'The organization has to be able to prove that no alcohol is sold on BearBucks, otherwise there is too much liability,' Leach said.

Leach said technology will help companies prove to Baylor and Wells Fargo that no alcohol is sold to students using Baylor IDs. If one major corporation like Wal-Mart can prove that this is feasible, then Leach said he thinks many more will follow and accept BearBucks.

Abbey Price, a Sulphur Springs freshman, said she definitely would use BearBucks at Wal-Mart.

'It's convenient, and you don't have to keep up with money,' Price said.

Caroline Marshall, a Dallas freshman, said that having BearBucks at Wal-Mart would not only be good for her, but it would help her parents as well. She said that instead of putting Wal-Mart purchases on her credit card, her parents could just give her the money through BearBucks.

Not only are BearBucks convenient to use, they are also safe to use. The Baylor ID Card Office can de-activate students' cards in order to keep students's accounts safe if needed.