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Several visit Place 2 BU

Sept. 2, 2003

By Jenny Felske, reporter

Almost 2,500 students attended Late Night @ the SLC Friday for an evening of food and fellowship sponsored by The Place 2 BU.

Event organizers hoped freshmen trying to find their place on campus could use the event as an opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

Students were not the only ones in attendance. President Robert B. Sloan Jr. attended the event as well.

'This is what we've dreamed about for students when we first built the McLane Student Life Center,' Sloan said.

Activities at the SLC ranged from bingo, swing dancing and gladiator jousting.

There also were live bands, a basketball tournament and chicken bowling.

Chicken bowling is an activity in which participants hurl frozen chickens down makeshift bowling lanes into empty two-liter bottles.

Students also had an array of free activities from which to choose.

They played games and received tickets that could be exchanged for prizes such as towels and frisbees.

The Place 2 BU planned the night to help new students get involved as quickly as possible.

They held it during the first week of the semester to come at a time of less stress and commitments.

Volunteers started planning it at the beginning of the summer.

Some students commented on the unusual atmosphere of having the SLC packed with people playing games but also learning about the more than 80 student organizations advertised there.

'I've had fun getting to know incoming freshmen and letting them know about what they can get involved with at Baylor,' Rachel Holtz, a Wadsworth, Ill., senior, said.

Similar reactions came from students who watched their friends play in the Late Night Hoop Dreams basketball tournament.

'It's been great showing my support for the teams and catching up with people that I haven't talked to since last spring,' Sandy Kenyon, a Fairfield, Ohio, senior, said.

Those who organized the event were equally happy with the outcome.

'This was a big success and more than we expected,' Becki Majors, coordinator of student union programs, said.