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The Broadcast's mature sound captivates crowd

Sept. 2, 2003

By Lauren Caldwell, reporter

Most of their band members aren't even old enough to get into a bar, but Dallas-based The Broadcast, who played to a nearly empty crowd at Treff's on Saturday, has experience that goes beyond their years.

The Broadcast's members are all under the age of 21, but in March released their sophomore effort, Audible Diaries.

The 10-track album was produced by the brother duo Todd and Toby Pipes, who are most known for their production of Deep Blue Something's hit, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.'

How such a young and unknown band managed to enlist well known producers was as simple as a naive phone call.

'I saw the Pipes brothers in the credits of the Flickerstick album, and I just gave them a call,' JR Denson, Broadcast's lead vocalist, said.

The Pipes talked extensively with the group to get a feel for their goals and intentions.

'They really helped develop us,' Denson said.

Audible Diaries also gives mixing and manipulation credits to The Count, who has worked with Run DMC and No Doubt, and also to Stuart Sikes, who has worked with the White Stripes.

Their lyrics vaguely bring back bittersweet adolescent emotions: 'Forget tomorrow give me yesterday/At this age things change so rapidly/ I'm seeing things my eyes don't want me to see but I/I'll stay the same/No I don't want to change.'

But The Broadcast made an effort to write about 'real' issues, and with song titles like 'First Amendment,' they're on their way.

'We try to stay with and write about real issues,' guitarist Chris Holston said. 'Not about girlfriend drama.'

Bassist Thomas Ross said that The Broadcast has a 'heart for those who feel like they aren't good enough.'

The Broadcast also have played several high-profile venues including the Dallas leg of the Warped Tour and also were featured in the Warner Brothers' showcase at Dallas' Curtain Club.

These appearances along with the release of Audible Diaries led to The Broadcast's signing with Gloria Butler Management in Los Angeles. Butler is wife of Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, and the band hopes this will bring them to closer to a record deal.

The Broadcast has a strikingly mature sound. At Treff's, the young band made an impression on the small crowd made up entirely of their elders.

All five members dressed in jeans and vintage T-shirts and bobbed their shaggy hair.

Denson was the perfect front man, squeezing his eyes shut as he earnestly let the lyrics out while twisting and working the microphone wire around his fingers, shoulder and neck.

In the interludes, Denson grabbed his tambourine and jumped, stomped, danced and wailed.

Two guitarists and one bassist stood in line behind Denson and gave a strong, powerful and surprisingly skillful sound, while drummer Evan Kaufmann kept impeccable beat and provided a perfect backbone.

The highlight of the show was 'Reach Out,' which the band performed halfway through their set.

CCM Magazine has listed The Broadcast as one of the top 10 unsigned Texas bands, citing them as being 'on the brink of something big.'

The quality of Audible Diaries and the captivation they easily grab from an unknown crowd gives an assured feeling that these young men are truly ready for the next big level.