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Student athletes find new home at Arbors

Sept. 2, 2003

By Erika Walter, reporter

This summer the residents of the Quadrangle Apartments moved to greener territory at their new home, the Arbors Apartments. For those who lived at the Quadrangle, the change was welcomed and past due.

'I am not knocking the Quad, but everybody was ready to get out of there,' J. Fields, an Amarillo junior, said. Fields is a member of the football team and resident of the Arbors.

The Arbors, like the Quadrangle, houses male athletes and non-athletes. Unlike the Quadrangle though, a designated portion of the Arbors is allotted for female students.

Dr. Frank Shushok, associate dean for campus living and learning, said Baylor decided to move the residents to the Arbors primarily out of aspirations to build community among the residents.

'The Quadrangle really didn't allow us to meet our programmatic goals,' Shushok said. He said the green space at the Arbors provides more area for students to interact.

'The owners of the Arbors decided to sell the Arbors, and we took advantage of that opportunity,' Shushok said. 'It was a great opportunity for Baylor.'

Joe Bruner, the director of the Arbors, said the change is an improvement because instead of a parking lot in the middle of the Quadrangle, the residents now enjoy green grass.

'The grass and trees have more of a calming effect,' Bruner said. 'I enjoy the atmosphere being more relaxed.'

Bruner said he hopes to help build community at the Arbors by adding tables and chairs for studying in the clubroom. Bruner also wants to use the barbeque pit at the Arbors for cookouts before athletic events.

Vincent Walford, a Lewisville junior, has lived at both the Quadrangle and the Arbors, and he said he sees the change in location as a positive move.

'The rooms are cleaner,' Walford said. 'Closets are bigger and overall appearance looks better.'

Another significant difference between the Quadrangle and the Arbors is that the Quadrangle has only one entrance and exit, while the Arbors has separate units. This set up naturally allows the residents to come and go more easily.

'With more freedom there is going to be more responsibility on behalf of everybody living here,' Walford said.

At the Arbors, visiting hours have been expanded from the hours at the Quadrangle. Members of the opposite sex can now visit the apartments between 10 and 2 a.m. At the Quadrangle, females had to leave by 10:30 p.m.

Shushok said that there was an increase in visiting hours because the facility is geared toward upper classmen.

'It is part of our effort to attract students to stay on campus by gaining more privileges,' Shushok said. 'Upper division students say that it is important to them.'

As a student athlete, Fields said he has not seen as many discipline problems since the visiting hours changed.

'It gives us more time, but it draws the line somewhere,' Fields said.

Baylor still owns the land where the Quadrangle sits, but Baylor is leasing the apartments to a management company. Shushok said Baylor had trouble keeping up with maintenance at the Quadrangle.

'The future of the Quadrangle is still unclear,' Shushok said.