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BU nursing student jazzes up Mavericks

March 28, 2003

By Jamie Roberts

A nursing student has made the ultimate change. She has gone from the high school drill team to the Dallas Mavericks dance team.

Jenni Fan, a senior who graduates in May, was on the Plano Senior High School drill team and also danced on the Baylor team for two years.

She decided to try out for the Mavericks' team because of her love for dance.

Fan said that dancing for the Mavericks is different from any other dancing she has done.

When she was in elementary school she was involved in ballet and tap. While at Baylor, she performed more jazz routines. She said she performs hip-hop dance routines for her new team, and the dance team provided her with 12 costumes for various performances.

Fan has managed to balance the busy schedules of dance practices and early morning nursing classes.

Fan said most people she has spoken with think dancing for the Mavericks is a full-time job, and they are surprised to hear the other things that go on in the dancers' lives.

Many of the Mavericks dancers have full-time jobs or work part time as they go to school.

While the Dallas Mavericks are in the offseason the dance team practices three hours a day, twice a week. During the season the team practices before the home games and only performs at home games.

Shella Sattler, the choreographer for the dance team and Fan's mentor, also is the owner of Dallas Power House of Dance.

'She is wonderful in every way and a huge asset to the team,' Sattler said.

As a Mavericks dancer, Fan also is involved in the Dallas community.

The team members appear at sponsored events where they sign calendars and do other forms of promotional activities.

'It's a great opportunity to do things in the community,' she said.

Fan said that when she graduates she wants to work with adult cancer patients and may pursue a career in geriatrics.