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Letter to the editor

March 28, 2003

My comrades at the Baylor Lariat finally endorsed medical malpractice caps.

I wholeheartedly agree. Imposing socialism on the legal industry is the only way to solve the problem of low profits for the insurance companies. When it is obvious to 12 fellow citizens who have heard all the facts regarding a doctor's alleged malpractice, our Congress should then cap the cost of every human life at $250,000.

It is true -- no one person's life could be worth more than that amount, especially when killed or paralyzed at the hands of the family physician.

Accordingly, I am glad to see that only legitimate claims will be affected by this proposal. No change in the standards by which doctors are judged should be changed. Such changes would only bring about justice -- and that is not what lawsuits should be about.

Further, even though the trial judge may decrease an outrageous jury award immediately after the verdict we need not allow such freedom by a branch of government.

After all, a trial judge, appellate judges and the Supreme Court justices can rule on the damages according to the law and the facts of each case. We in Texas need not bother with such technicalities.

Hamilton Lindley

BBA '00, JD '03