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Letter to the editor

March 28, 2003

As the war-infatuated, soul-less, constitutional person with 'Bomb Iraq' so flippantly scrawled on the back of my car last week, I would like to address to Judson Williams' letter.

Williams mistakenly implies that by choosing the phrase 'Bomb Iraq,' I was encouraging the indiscriminate blanket-bombing of the country. No, as fellow VW owners well know, 'I encourage the strategic bombing of military and governmental targets using laser-guided missiles to prevent civilian casualties' is a bit unwieldy and does not quite fit.

Regarding my 'abuse' of my First Amendment rights, I truly hope Williams never encounters Howard Stern on his radio dial or happens upon a KKK rally. In exercising my right, which apparently 'demands the death of ... maybe thousands of people I will never have to meet,' I was supporting the decision of our elected government to remove a decidedly evil and very real danger from our midst, not the slaughter of Iraqi civilians.

Also, I am still dumbstruck by Williams' comment that I 'will never be affected by this war.' I do, in fact, know someone sent to fight, willingly and with a specific objective in mind, to bomb Iraq. I pray that he returns safely.

Williams also apparently doesn't understand that wars need to be funded. I pay my taxes. Wars also affect the economy, as evidenced by the remarkable increase in shoe polish prices last week.

War is a terrible thing, but so was Sept. 11, and I do not wish to see a repeat. Williams said it himself, 'Saddam Hussein is a ... threat to the world.' I will concede 'Bomb Saddam' is catchy. My choice of words was nothing more than a protest of the protesters, and a reflection of my strong support for our government and our troops at war.

Tim Woods

MA '04