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Letter to the editor

March 26, 2003

'Appalled' is the word that comes to mind in our reactions to the mentality of many Baylor students. This weekend we noticed a rather disturbing trend in the thoughts and actions of our fellow students. There seems to be more concern over who will win the next basketball game than what happens in the war with Iraq.

We do not mean to suggest that everyone should remain glued to their televisions constantly watching CNN. However, we do feel that when CBS decides to interrupt the game for a brief war update, the least we can do is be quiet and listen.

There are more than 200,000 U.S. and British troops in the Middle East currently risking their lives so that we continue to have the freedom to watch March Madness. Our troops are under the constant threat of being killed or wounded. They deserve a certain amount of respect for this, and the least we can do is take some interest in what is happening to them.

Unfortunately, our fellow students have shown their immaturity over and over by booing and complaining when the game is interrupted. Those basketball players are great athletes who deserve respect too. However, their lives are not on the line, and they will have the opportunity to go home to their friends and families each night, unlike our troops. Thus, no matter what your opinions on the war may be, we would ask that you show our troops the respect they deserve as they fight abroad to protect American freedom.

Caleb Kern

Physical science education


Eric Wickman

History/Slavic Studies '04