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Letter to the editor

March 26, 2003

Are BU students aware of what the WNIT is and where games are being played? Do you realize that your Lady Bears have won two games at home (at the Ferrell Special Events Center), and they will have another game at 7 tonight at the Ferrell Center? They may be the best women's basketball team in NCAA - Div. 1 not invited to the NCAA tournament.

Both last Thursday night, as well as on Sunday afternoon, the attendance by the students was a disgrace. If you exclude the pep band and the cheerleaders, there may have been 50 students. The attendance at each game could have been doubled easily but for the apathy of the students.

Wake up and smell the roses! We have a terrific team and with your support might be able to host both the semi-finals and the finals. Coach Kim Mulkey-Robertson and the team are doing their part -- why don't you do yours?

Dr. Bill McBride

Professor Emeritus

Department of Computer