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Ethan Durelle cuts first CD

March 26, 2003

By Kevin Chandler

After a successful run as one of Baylor's most well known its, Ethan Durelle has taken their energetic, technical sound into the studio to record their first full CD.

Ethan Durelle consists of Jeff Weathers, a Houston junior, on drums; Evan Lecker, a Houston junior, on guitar and lead vocals; Chris Mann, a Houston senior, on bass; and Theo McLemore, a Paris, Texas, sophomore, on guitar.

Although they hate to classify their music into a genre, if you put a gun to their heads they would call Ethan Durelle progressive indie rock.

'It's indie rock, but it's got a lot more things thrown at you,' Lecker said.

Ethan Durelle's lyrics tend to wax toward the profound.

'None of the songs, with the exception of a few, are about heartbreak and high school relationships,' Lecker said.

Their lyrics are full of symbolism, hidden meaning and a Christian message.

The name Ethan Durelle also reflects the deeper emphasis the band members have put into their music. Ethan comes from a Nathaniel Hawthorne short story titled 'Ethan Brand.'

Durelle is a misspelling of Jimmy Dorrell's last name, the pastor of the Church Under the Bridge. Ethan represents man's sinful nature, and Durelle is what man can be in Christ.

Ethan Durrelle has a reputation for being an excellent live band. The best played at Diadeloso last year and at the Audio Adrenaline concert during welcome week last fall. Recently, the band played at Caf+ Liso with Two-Thirty-Eight and Miracle vs. Man. In the next couple of weeks the band will travel to Austin, Houston and Dallas to play at various clubs and nightspots.

'We have a really cool scene [in Waco],' Weathers said. 'Unfortunately, I think everyone into music here is in a band.'

Ethan Durelle is spending a lot of time in the studio trying to finish the new album. Instead of searching for record companies to publish their music, Ethan Durelle decided to make its own.

They joined Jason Jordan and Jeff Price, who are both in Miracle vs. Man, and built Esotype records from the ground up. The tracks are being recorded in a room they've converted into a sound studio in Jeff Price's house.

Esotype Records will make its presence known in the coming months. 'We're hoping to release seven records this year,' Weathers said. 'We would all love for this to take off in a couple of years and never have to use our degrees.'

Ethan Durelle's album titled White Knuckles on Turned Wheels will be available later this month.