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NCAA, MLB both make right decisions

March 26, 2003

Staff editorial

In the wake of recent events surrounding Iraq, many sports organizations have been questioning whether to continue with their regularly scheduled games and events. The season-opening baseball series in Japan between Seattle and Oakland was canceled because of the threat of war in Iraq. Other organizations like the NCAA have decided to continue the tournament here at home despite the war. So why was one canceled and not the other?

The baseball series was canceled for several practical reasons, one being the safety of the American players. The thought of American citizens in a foreign country on the eve of war is scary in itself, when many other countries disapprove of this war. American citizens are not as safe in foreign countries as they would be at home; it would be easier to carry out attacks on American citizens while they were away from the safety of the American government. Also, several baseball players voiced their concerns about being away from their families during the threat of war and possible terrorist attacks in the states. The point is that MLB does not want to take any chances in light of the international crisis.

However, the NCAA tournament will continue despite the conflict in Iraq. This is different than the MLB situation because all of the games of the tournament will be played right here at home in the states. The threat of something happening to the players is significantly less than if they were playing overseas. Also, security here in the United States has reached its highest point since Sept. 11, so the chance of a successful terrorist attack being carried out has greatly diminished. In light of war Americans should be supportive and confident in our effort overseas. We also should go on with our lives here at home and live out the freedom our troops, present and past, have fought and sacrificed their lives.