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Make way for curling classes

March 26, 2003

By Mali Nasrollahzadeh

The Dallas/Fort Worth Curling Club will be joining forces with College Curling USA to administer and cultivate the nations growing interest in curling.

'It's time for another winter sport to take Dallas by storm,' said David Villegas, president and founder of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Curling Club, in an interview with the Dallas Morning News.

According to, curling is a Scottish ice sport with an objective for two teams of four players each to slide a 42-pound granite rock down a sheet of ice. The rocks are pushed toward the center of a 12-foot diameter target similar to a bull's eye.

Each player throws rocks toward the target, alternating with the opponent. Rocks traveling down the ice have a tendency to curve or 'curl,' giving the sport the name of curling. After 16 rocks have been thrown the score is determined with teams scoring one point for each rock closest to the center of the target.

A unique part of curling is the concept of sweeping. Players vigorously sweep or brush the ice in front of the rock to keep it moving. The friction caused by the sweeping makes the rock go farther and straighter.

The curling club is planning a series of Learn to Curl workshops at the Dr Pepper StarCenter in Duncanville. The workshops specifically are geared to college and high school students as a prelude to the new World University Games that boast curling as a official sport.

Classes started Sunday and will run for four weeks on Saturday nights from 10 p.m. until 11:45 p.m. The cost per session is $14. Anyone interested in learning to play this sport, described as 'chess on ice,' is encouraged to attend.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Curling Club was formed in the Olympic frenzy of 2002 and has transformed into a core group of 45 people. The club recently sent a men's and women's squad to the National Championship in Utica, N. Y., where the men upset the first-seed, defending the national champions.

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