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Letter to the editor

March 25, 2003

Walking to class last week, I saw someone driving his car with 'Bomb Iraq' written in white shoe polish on his back window, and I wondered what kind of person could make such a strong political statement so flippantly. I certainly didn't waste any energy chasing after him to find out, but I am glad I get to say something to him.

To the one driving a car with 'Bomb Iraq' written on your window: Who do you think you are displaying a statement like that with no regard for the innocent lives that will taken on behalf of bombing Iraq? While you worry about acne and failing political science, people in a foreign country worry about their lives and the lives of their families. You have the audacity to write a statement that demands the death of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people you never will meet or have to care about.

You may know someone who was sent to Iraq recently, and it is terrible to see our friends and family sent overseas to fight, but besides that, you will never be affected by this war. How dare you abuse the luxury of freedom of speech. War is a horrible thing, but Saddam is a tyrant to his people and a threat to the world.

While I think it is necessary to remove him from power, I also think it is also necessary to go about it with a reserved attitude, knowing the full implications of the decision to start a war.

Judson Williams

Theatre Arts '03