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Letter to the editor

March 25, 2003

The health exception to a partial-birth abortion ban, as written about in last Wednesday's Lariat editorial, would allow any doctor, patient or judge to invent potential psychological or emotional health problems so as to legitimize the procedure, rendering the ban useless.

The current legislation does include an exception for the life of the mother, as well it should. Indeed, this is the only appropriate exception that would allow for legal abortion.

When considering moral quandaries such as abortion, we must consider the relative morality of the available options, choosing the most moral of those options. Concerning abortion, we must consider whether the killing of a child in the womb is ever an acceptable remedy for the problems presented to many by pregnancy. Even for victims of rape and incest, we must determine whether it is worse for the victim to involuntarily carry the child to term, or to kill the child.

Even though the former is a horrible option, the taking of an innocent human life is always worse, save for one exception -- when the life of the mother is at definite medical risk. The issue then becomes life versus life and not life versus health. As a society, we should endorse the mother's ability to choose the course in only this life-threatening circumstance.

Whenever the issue is life versus health, though, life must always win.

Daren Butler

MDiv/MMusic '03