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Letter to the editor

March 21, 2003

I can sympathize with Tyler Robertson's letter, as it takes me 20-30 minutes every day to find a parking space. Of course most of that time is spent actually driving to campus since I live on the other side of Lake Waco. Some days I get to campus later than usual, and I have been a few minutes late to class. Still, I always have found a space. But I have to admit it is my fault for parking at the McLane Student Life Center instead of driving up to the closer parking lots if I think that there won't be a space available in front of Sid Rich or the Russell Gymnasium. I'm sure if I drove around looking for the Holy Grail of parking spaces I also could spend all day trying to find a place.

I noticed that Robertson said the new parking garage was in the middle of nowhere and that he has classes by the McCrary Music Building, which is, oddly enough, about five minutes away from the new parking garage. Now, just to see how inconvenient it was to get around campus on foot, I walked around the whole campus, in the straightest path possible, since the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Here are the times I got: SLC to Armstrong Browning Library: eight minutes; Armstrong Browning Library to AFROTC building: five minutes; AFROTC building to the new garage: seven minutes; New garage to SLC: nine minutes. I'll concede that getting from the new garage to Waco Hall would take more than 10 minutes, but that is why he should anticipate such aggravations and get to class earlier.

I have a solution. Since Robertson clearly is allotting around $666 a year for parking tickets, he should buy a bicycle for next year. Toys 'R Us has several models for well under that amount of money. That means he would have money left over to pay for an occasional parking ticket.

Another funny thing I noticed is that a lot of people run on the Bear Trail. I'd surmise that even more use the SLC for some sort of physical activity. Why is it that people will go exercise willingly and enjoy it, but when they have to walk across campus they whine about it being inhumane to walk such a great distance?

Ron Brown

BBA '04