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Congress approves additional offices

March 21, 2003

By Hannah Lodwick

In a short meeting Thursday Student Congress approved a constitutional amendment calling for the creation of an external vice presidential cabinet. Congress members voted by a 42-0 decision to pass the amendment, which said the external vice president fills vital roles in government but lacks sufficient human resources.

'This is a way we can better our resources,' Brandon Anderson, a Euless sophomore, said. 'That's the idea behind the whole amendment. It's short and sweet.'

The amendment aims to provide External Vice President John Hill with the resources necessary to do his job well, namely, a group of up to eight people in an advisory and operational board. The board also will have an ex officio liaison from Student Congress to the cabinet, and it will help clarify a separation of power between the executive and legislative branches.

'This is a great idea,' Nabeel Uwaydah, a Houston sophomore, said. 'The external vice president actually has had to use people in congress, but now there will be more people working to represent the student body.'

Student Congress also unanimously passed the Paying Tribute to a Baylor Family Member resolution Thursday night.

The bill calls for all Baylor University official flags to fly at half-mast to honor any student who dies while attending Baylor.

'I couldn't think of a better way to share with the families that have lost loved ones and possibly comfort them at a trying time,' Casey Watts, an Anson sophomore, said.