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Breathe inspires worship

March 21, 2003

By Stephanie Franks

Loud music and the voices of singing students could be heard all over campus from Fountain Mall, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

About 1,200 students appeared Monday night to worship together at Breathe, an event planned by the Student Life Division, Baptist Student Ministries and local college pastors. The number of students grew to about 2,500 by Wednesday's gathering.

Chris Watson, a mission intern for Baptist Student Ministries, said this was twice the number of students who came to the last day of Campus Renewal in March 2002.

'God was at work in many of the students,' Watson said.

The David Crowder Band and Louie Giglio, a Baylor alumnus and the co-founder of Choice ministries in Waco, led the worship all three nights.

Monday, Giglio spoke about the breath that God breathed into man at creation. Tuesday, the David Crowder band led students singing 'I'll become even more undignified than this.'

'Undignified' was a word Giglio used to encourage Christians to hold nothing back when worshiping God. He referred to King David and Isaiah in the Old Testament to illustrate the different encounters people have with God.

Wednesday, Giglio went further with his message when he spoke about a time in his life when he wanted to quit Christianity. He said that God thanked him because all Giglio needed to do was just give his life to God by acknowledging that as humans, 'we can't, but you [God] can,' do the impossible.

Dorothy McNiel, administrative assistant for Baptist Student Ministries, has heard many speakers and been a part of many events at Baylor like Breathe.

'I thought he was an excellent speaker,' McNeil said. 'His message was one everyone could understand.'

McNeil also said this was the first time in many years this event has taken place in a tent.

'There's something special about the tent,' McNiel said. 'It provided good community and others could see what was going on.'

After Breathe, students were invited to a coffee shop held in the Bill Daniel Student Center where students could sit and discuss the night's events. An open microphone was provided for anyone to sing and worship.

Natasha Asaria, a Lake Jackson sophomore who practices Islam, attended Wednesday night's service.

'Christianity embraces people of different religions, and when I went there, it was if boundaries were broken and cultural lines were crossed,' Asaria said. 'Basically, Louie [Giglio] expressed the views of faith, of a relationship with God, and this is something even Muslims can relate to.

'I was surprised at the fact that you can take so many people with different levels of thinking and bring them together on one platform,' she said. 'It [school] becomes stressful so this was a breath of fresh air for them.'

Shelby Murrell, a Deer Park freshman, said she felt a sense of peace.

'I've been stressed out lately,' Murrell said. 'When I left, I felt an overwhelming feeling of being in the right place at the right time. I felt confident that this is the path God has chosen for me.

'Everyone comes together for Breathe and events like that, but I don't see that going into the campus,' Murrell said. 'It's like what Louie talked about Wednesday night about putting up a facade for everyone else without really deeply feeling the true Christian faith and actually living that.'