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Opening delayed for cafe

March 20, 2003

By Andrea Nourse

Cold weather and ice have delayed the opening of Java City, the cafe set to open mid-March on the garden level of Moody Memorial Library.

John Wilson, director of library advancement and special projects, said the weather caused delays here and in the shipment of the greenhouse structure, which had to come from Pennsylvania.

Wilson said he expects the caf+ to open in early April.

'I transferred here, and they had Java City at my last school,' Jennifer Hardy, a Memphis, Tenn., sophomore, said. 'I really liked it, so I know that I am going to probably end up providing them some business.'

Bill Hair, associate dean and director of central university libraries, said the library is the most heavily utilized building on campus, and Java City can provide food and drinks for students so they don't have to leave.

The cafe will offer gourmet coffees, fruit smoothies, sandwiches, salads and desserts. The food will be provided by Baylor Dining Services. Tables will be available outside in the Harvey Garden as well as inside the library. The cafe also will have a coffee bar with outlets for laptop computers.

The Harvey Garden has been paved with red brick to match the Gregory Garden on the other side.

Wilson said new plants will be selected for the garden to complement the plants on the Gregory side and probably will be planted the last week of March. A drip irrigation system has already been installed in the garden.

Wilson said a stage at the end of Harvey Garden will be available for performances from the School of Music, poetry recitals or other events.

Renovations completed on the inside of the cafe include new lighting, a new ceiling and the installation of a greenhouse structure facing Harvey Garden.

Remaining work includes installation of kitchen equipment, which is expected to arrive next week, and work on the coffee bar area.

Wilson said the project has run a little over budget because of unexpected problems, such as asbestos found in a wall, a pump that had to be installed in the basement and more electrical wiring to upgrade cash registers.

Wilson said the project will cost an estimated $280,000. Baylor Dining Services provided the majority of the project funding but more was provided by the Schumacher Foundation in Dover, Mass., and the library. Construction began in December.

'I think it's going to be an incredible project that will meet some of those coffee needs for the students who are studying in the library,' Linda Ricks, marketing manager for Baylor Dining Services, said.

Ricks said the cafe will be open 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and will have special weekend hours. Ricks said the hours will be re-evaluated after the cafe opens to determine if they best meet the needs of students.