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Letter to the editor

March 19, 2003

In response to Mark Browning-s letter, he has some great ideas regarding the parking situation at Baylor. I have paid close to $2,000 in parking tickets in my three years here already. I have tried many things, pleading with officers, putting notes in my car to plead with officers in my absence and just plain not getting a sticker. These have all made me well known to parking police, which hasn-t worked out for me.

The Ferrell Special Events Center seems like a logical solution to some, but for me, and others in my case, it is inconvenient. I don-t have the time to wait for a trolley a few times a day. I am constantly running from one side of campus to the other. Baylor is building a brand new parking garage, except they forgot one major problem: It-s in the middle of nowhere.

There also seem to be a plethora of faculty parking spaces available where I attend classes, the Waco Hall area and the McCrary Music Building. There aren-t any additional offices located in these buildings for additional faculty, so why must there be additional parking?

I am tired of being ticketed for parking in faculty spots, or my favorite, playing ±make your own space.e Baylor can blame the students as much as they want. ±Come earlier to class, or walk, or just don-t do it.e I bet if the parking situation were better, attendance in class would be up. Something to think about.

Tyler W. Robertson

Music n04