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Students, DPS must cooperate over parking

March 18, 2003

Staff editorial

As students returned from spring break, they were greeted by chain-link fences and sawhorses blocking M.L. Cooper Drive, the street running between George W. Truett Theological Seminary and the new parking garage.

One professor put it best when he said Baylor has now become a Tier One university; they have 14,000 students and 4,000 parking spaces.

While students and faculty will be forced to live with the woes of driving in circles and walking across campus to class, the situation would be far more bearable if the Baylor Department of Public Safety is willing to provide some amnesty on tickets.

The Lariat knows tickets bring revenue to the department and university, but we also would like to see the DPS being a little more lenient as students adapt to the recent parking changes. Some students live in areas where the trolleys do not make stops, some live with parents or significant others in the city of Waco or surrounding suburbs, and some work late hours on campus, making a walk to class each morning not a viable solution to the problem. Add to this number all of the dormitory residents who own vehicles, and the number of cars seems to exceed the number of spots available.

The burden cannot rest on DPS alone, however. Students also must adapt to the situation. Try to take the trolley, ride your bike or walk to class if the options are available.

Above all, with student options for parking slowly diminishing, we must all learn to be polite motorists. Wait your turn for the prime spots near the library, keep honking and finger flipping to a minimum and talk to the DPS about the tickets they place on your windshield. They might just understand and give you a break.