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Congress puts restrictions on funding

March 7, 2003

By Hannah Lodwick

In an attempt to eliminate confusion in Student Life Fund allocations, Student Congress voted unanimously Thursday to pass the Congressional Allocation Stance, a resolution calling for new guidelines in group funding.

'This has been an important issue recently,' said Sarah Greer, a Huffman junior and the allocation resolution's sponsor. 'We've addressed this with Steppin' Out, the mascot and Welcome Week.'

The resolution states that groups directly connected with Baylor who have used the Student Life Fund as their primary option in raising funds have set a trend toward a significant problem. Instead, congress members think groups' advisers should approach the appropriate members of the administration before petitioning Student Congress.

'Student organizations with a full-time adviser should not see the Student Life Fund as their first option,' Eileen Hulme, vice president for student life, said. 'Those organizations are tied in with an annual budget with the university. Every year the adviser gets an opportunity to request more money for funds. It's appropriate that groups like Welcome Week and Steppin' Out don't ask Student Congress for funding.'

Hulme said if a group approaches her and doesn't receive money, she will notify student government about the request.

The resolution also calls for Baylor administrators to work with Student Congress toward compiling a list of groups closely affiliated with Baylor.

In the second unanimous decision of the night, congress' approval of the Tuition Equalization Grant support resolution allows the Baylor Ambassadors to take it with them to the Texas state legislature in Austin. Sponsors hope the statement will encourage Gov. Rick Perry to refrain from cutting the TEG from Texas spending.