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Letter to the editor

March 6, 2003

Let me start off by explaining the logic behind my original letter to the editor, the idea being that people are not concerned about issues that do not directly affect themselves.

I voted against the Welcome Week bill, not because of apathy, but because I felt that the funding of the program should be the responsibility of the administration, not the Student Life Fund.

The way I voted does not change the fact that there is a problem on Baylor's campus, the problem being that there is a great deal of apathy concerning Baylor's future. For those who do not know, student government (SG), on behalf of the Baylor student population, lobbies the administration for change on Baylor's campus.

This means that if you want something to change at Baylor, going through SG is probably the best way to get things accomplished. People can express their opinions about any topic at any time by stopping by the SG office, sending an e-mail or attending a SG meeting.

As for the statements concerning the two main reasons why people do not vote -- the first being that they do not understand the issue and the other being apathy -- I feel that both of these reasons are valid. However, I do not see how you can direct them toward me.

I feel that both of these reasons do not apply to SG representatives, for we care about serving students, and we are constantly in tune with the issues at hand, either brought to us through students or sought out by SG representatives.

A large problem is that only a minority of students come to SG to express their opinions about Baylor's future, even though all the avenues of communication are constantly open.

I would like to highly commend those students who expressed their opinions on the Student Life Survey and during the fall elections, and I encourage others to do so express their vote during the Diadeloso elections.

Nabeel Uwaydah

Biology/Political Science/

Pre-Med '05