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Letter to the editor

March 5, 2003

I almost hate to write this letter, but I feel I must speak up in defense of Welcome Week. Many letters have been coming in, and congress members have been saying that Welcome Week does not benefit the entire student body. I have to disagree.

Maybe these naysayers had a bad Welcome Week experience, but for so many students, Welcome Week is their first introduction to Baylor and many other students. Welcome Week can be key in keeping people at Baylor, at encouraging them and helping them grow.

It seems that many people are viewing the Welcome Week request as selfish and unnecessary, but I know that the request wouldn't be there if they weren't trying to make Welcome Week a positive tradition. I encourage those of you who did have a good Welcome Week, or even those who didn't but want to make it better, to show your support of Welcome Week by applying to be a leader in some way. Maybe this will show our congress members what the student body cares about.

Alexis Cooper

Environmental Studies/

Economics '04