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Students have new destination for trash

March 5, 2003

By Peter Anzollitto

Students who want to recycle now have a place to go on campus thanks to Environmental Concern Organization members.

ECO, which consists of 10 active members, noticed the lack of a widespread recycling program on campus, especially one that includes aluminum and plastic recyclables.

Recycling is not new to Waco, and curbside home recycling has been available for several years. However, Baylor has not had a large recycling effort become part of campus culture.

Discussions began last semester among the ECO members about what could possibly be done, and they decided a 'hands on' approach would be best.

'This was something everyone wanted, yet was nowhere,' Pam Ellis, a Temple junior and ECO member, said. 'We decided it was time to do something.'

The new program, which began this semester, has recycling bins located behind the Goebel Building and is one of the first places on campus to recycle non-paper items. Recyclables can be placed in marked slots in the bins behind the building.

ECO members will be responsible for caring for the receptacles, sorting various items that are dropped off and transporting the collected recyclables to a recycling center. They are working with the department of risk management and housekeeping.

Members said they hope the new program will make students more aware of environmental issues and the widespread impact they have.

'Our goal is to not only increase recycling at Baylor, but to create awareness of the importance of recycling,' Dr. Bryan Brooks, the ECO faculty sponsor, said. 'This could potentially have substantial campus-wide benefits.'

Ellis said she hopes the program will spread to other locations on campus and increase participation among students and faculty alike.

' We want to build this up and hopefully expand it so that all the entire campus participates,' she said.