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Nu-metal band Kordova rocks the rafters, tops charts

March 5, 2003

By Lauren Caldwell

In a town full of coffee shop bands, Kordova stands out as a hard rock group that can tear the roof off a club and leave you screaming for more.

This Baylor foursome as been together only a year, but they already are receiving widespread acclaim.

Kordova consists of Kevin Morley, a St. Louis junior, as lead vocalist; Stephen Ganske, a Waco junior, on bass; Mark Webb, a Dallas junior, on guitar; and Mike Hibbler, a Dallas junior, on drums and background vocals.

Ganske, Webb and Hibbler have known each other since they lived on the same hall in Penland Residence Hall freshman year. Around spring last year, they teamed up with Morely and formed Kordova.

They started playing primarily because of the lack of hardcore rock in Waco.

'There are no hard rock bands at Baylor, at least none that we know of,' Ganske said. 'If there are we'd love to get together and play with them sometime.'

It's hard to fit Kordova into a style or genre, Morley said.

'We don't really sound like anybody.'

Ganske describes the band as having a 'progressive style. The guitar runs free, and the drums hunt him down.'

Kordova's official classification is Nu-metal, which is hard rock with a touch of heavy metal screaming. Under this category, they've started making a name for themselves on the Internet community. At, Kordova's song 'Confusion' is at No. 3 on the Nu-metal charts, and 'Night Sessions' is at No. 26.

They are also talking to Paula Jones, a record producer who brought bands like Korn to the mainstream, to promote Kordova's album to record companies.

People often ask why the band settled on the name Kordova.

Some say it's Russian or Polish. Some say it's a Spanish term. The truth is it really doesn't mean anything.

'We watch a lot of motocross, and there's a move called a Cordova that we thought sounded cool,' Hibbler said. 'We changed the 'C' to a 'K' just to be different. You know the band REM just flipped through a dictionary to find its name, but instead of a dictionary, we used a [Playstation 2].'

Kordova sounds excellent on their demo, but they sound even better live.

They practice in a large warehouse surrounded by boxes of golf equipment, and their music rattles the steel rafters.

Their instrumental skill is excellent, and they are really well practiced, giving their songs a polished sound. The vocals are intense but not so much that it sounds like the singer is going to have a stroke.

Their lyrics are about the normal pain and suffering surrounding lost love. The lyrics are not as original as it could be, but poignant nonetheless.

They have recorded a four-song demo, and they are in the process of writing a full album.

One of their new songs 'In My Way,' is mind-blowing and will undoubtedly be a hit when they finish writing the lyrics.

Unfortunately, Kordova won't be playing many more gigs in Waco -- they are moving on to play venues in Dallas.

Kordova's album will be coming out within a year. Until then, their songs can be found at