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'Breathe' to offer refresher after spring break

March 5, 2003

By Stephanie Franks

Baylor students will have a chance to take another breather after returning from spring break.

Breathe, a campuswide worship service, will take place for three nights starting at 8 p.m. March 17 at Fountain Mall.

Although campus revival events have been held on campus since 1973, this will be the first year the event is called Breathe.

'This is a Baylor-sponsored opportunity to slow down and an intentional effort to invite the whole campus community to worship together,' said Clif Mouser, director of Baptist Student Ministries. 'We don't hear God's voice very well in the hurry scurry of the day. When we pause and breathe, we can enjoy worship.'

The worship service will be led by the David Crowder Band, and Louie Giglio, a Baylor alumnus, will give a message each night.

After Breathe students are invited to a coffee shop event at the Bill Daniel Student Center.

'We want to give students a casual environment to process what they experienced,' Mouser said.

The Breathe planning committee is made up of staffers from the division of student life, college pastors from different denominational churches, and campus ministries.

'We consulted with students from Truett Seminary, law school and Student Congress,' Mouser said. 'This will not be a denominational event.'

Mouser said the entire student life division, especially Dr. Eileen Hulme, vice president of student life, has been cooperative.

' [Hulme] has elevated this campus-wide worship experience to a higher level of priority,' he said. 'She is very interested in supporting this effort of promoting spiritual life expressed in community on this campus.'

Intramural schedules have even been readjusted as well so more students are able to attend Breathe.

Becky Speight, a planning committee member and college minister for Seventh and James Baptist Church, said, organizers are expecting around 2,000 people to attend.

She said stressed students come in to talk with her everyday.

'They overextend themselves constantly,' Speight said. 'I hope that's one of the things Louie talks about. When I was a student, I remember it was difficult to take time out and just breathe and renew ourselves.'

Kyle Dunn, the college pastor for Highland Baptist Church, said there is a priority to make sure not one ministry will take precedence.

'For three nights we come to Fountain Mall and say we are going to slow down and listen to what God says to us,' Dunn said. 'My hope is that students won't see this as another event. [I hope that] whether students have or haven't been constant spiritually, they won't be a spectator, but will give their hearts to God.'

College pastors and students will be available at Breathe to connect students to a church or answer any questions.

'One day they will graduate, and the Waco context will not be there,' Dunn said. 'They will need to plant their lives and serve. That's why, in our hearts, church is a priority.'