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Spring break missions give students a chance to serve

March 4, 2003

By Stephanie Franks

Some Baylor students will pack and get ready for a long awaited spring break Friday, whether it is going to the beach, going home or going camping, but others are planning to go on mission trips.

'Spring Break is more of a concentrated time where students can be totally immersed in the mission environment,' said Myles Werntz, George W. Truett Theological Seminary intern for university ministries.

Chi Omega sorority

Chi Omega sorority has 44 members traveling to New York City -- not just to tour, but to serve others through Missions New York City.

Katie Clark, a Southlake senior, said 10 members will work at prayer stations and hand out fliers in designated areas. Other members will work in a homeless shelter and at a children's hospital in Harlem.

'We got a group of amazing, outgoing girls that can reach out and reveal themselves,' Clark said. 'Not only I but others enjoy doing stuff for other people. It's just as much fun to help people, and it's a change of pace.'

This will be the second trip to New York City that Chi Omega members have put together.

These Chi Omega members are just some of the Baylor students participating in spring break mission trips sponsored by Baylor organizations or local college ministries.

Baptist Student Ministries

For the third year, the Baptist Student Ministries will send 39 Baylor students to Guadalajara, Mexico, to talk with students at five different campuses of the University of Guadalajara.

Becky Tittel, a Camarillo, Calif., senior, said Baylor students will invite Guadalajara students to come to a coffee shop where testimonies, skits and games will be held.

'One of the great things about mission trips is to see how God works in different parts of the world,' Tittel said. 'I'm ready to see the divine appointments -- how each of us have had distinct experiences and how God will use those to relate to people down there.'

Tittel said the leadership team is encouraging students to write letters for support to their home churches, friends and family to raise money for the trip.

Chris Schwartz, a Bunker Hill sophomore, sold his computer to Rick Jenkins who lives in Guadalajara and is affiliated with International Missions Board.

'Our goal is really to use the world's awe of our nation and culture to spread the word of God,' Schwartz said.

'I look forward to going back,' Jon Houser, a Mesquite senior, said. 'I've heard good things about the people that I met last time and how they have grown. I want to see that and be encouraged and hopefully encourage them.'

Local churches

Other college mission trips include Antioch Community Church where around 500 college students will go to Juarez, Mexico, to minister through drama, music, dance and worship.

Some Highland Baptist college students will travel to the Rio Grande Valley to work on both sides of the border.

First Baptist Church of Woodway's college ministry is sponsoring a mission trip to Boulder, Colo.

'We're going to be connecting with students, basically spreading a vision of community and reproducing disciples with other Christians,' said Chris May, a resident chaplain for Collins Residence Hall and Truett Seminary student. 'We're paving the way for us to move in there in the fall. Our hope is to connect them to students that are in their classes and on campus.'

University ministries

University ministries has coordinated some mission trips for college ministries and Baylor organizations.

'We are trying to work with academic departments, organizations, halls -- places where students already have connections with,' said Steve Graves, director for ministries and missions. 'Ideally, we want students plugged in with a local church.'

'The goal is to take on that mindset for your whole life, not the trip mentality where you take a one-week mission trip and be done,' Graves said. 'I hope students are changed by their experiences -- that they, through the experience, have a mission through life,' he said. 'That they live their life as a part of the kingdom in whatever they do.'