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Lambert, Davis shine on basketball court

Jan. 31, 2001

That's right, it's time for The Lariat's first and probably last annual Baylor basketball enchirito awards (including predictions and comments). In case you're wondering, 'enchirito' has no significance to it, I just like the word.

1. Most likely to play in the NBA next year:

The men have only two seniors from this year's team, and neither will have a University of Texas grad working for them just yet. Terry Black, possibly the most athletic player to ever put on a Baylor uniform, will be a second-round pick. He has the best all-around game of any player in the Big 12 and, despite his popularity at Baylor, could be the most underrated man in the conference.

I've always been a fan of DeMarcus Minor. He's calm under pressure, and knows how to play within his own game (except for his performance in the Iowa State game). Expect Minor to get a lot of looks from NBA scouts. He could land in the league in a couple of years, if not sooner.

2. Best reason to go to a Lady Bears' game:

If you missed the game against the University of Texas Lady Longhorns, don't miss the next one. The Lady Bears play a fast-paced game and are flat-out good. If you like Jason William of the Sacramento Kings, give Sheila Lambert a look because she could easily take him one-on-one.

3. The most improved player award:

Greg Davis. The New Mexico transfer averaged 2.8 points in two years for the Lobos. Now with the Bears, Davis has stepped up, playing out of his natural position as a center, and shown consistent improvement as the season has progressed. Davis will be instrumental in Baylor's chances of making postseason play this year.

4. The Opie award:

Matt Sayman. The kid looks like he goes to Midway middle school, but has been a big surprise for the Bears. He started the season at the end of the bench, worked his way up to seventh man, and should be Baylor's starting point guard next year.

5. Dave Bliss or Kim Mulkey ... who gets the better grade?

Both have exceeded expectations in turning their teams around, but Mulkey gets the award for now. I'm also a little more scared of her.

Last year, the Lady Bears had only seven wins and finished last place in the Big 12. Mulkey was crucial in bringing in future WNBA player Lambert and can be credited in part with the amazing improvement of another future WNBA player, Danielle Crockrom.


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Mark Peterson is a junior journalism major from San Antonio