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Letters to the editor

Jan. 30, 2001

Cox wrong in thinking angry Democrats have vendetta against Bush, Republican party

I was reading an article in The Lariat Friday titled 'Democrats should approve Ashcroft.' It was not the subject matter, but the stance of Clint Cox, the opinion writer, that I found confusing.

Throughout the article, he addressed how Democrats should approve John Ashcroft as attorney general, and how they are using Ashcroft 'as a way to vent anger over the Supreme Court's actions' concerning former Vice President Al Gore. However, toward the end of the article, he throws in this paragraph about President Bush and how he is not fulfilling his promises.

What's the deal? What is Cox's point? Does he support the president's wishes to have Ashcroft as a designee, or is it the total opposite?

On another note, George W. Bush is president now. Cox says that it is the Democrats who are bashing Republicans because the Democrats are bitter over Bush being announced as president; but if Baylor's campus is reading all the articles I've been reading, not just in The Lariat, one would beg to differ. Each of the two parties has a different stance, and Cox needs to stop taking everything as if Democrats are bitter about the outcome of the presidency. Democrats are just fighting for what they believe, as I am sure the Republicans would do also.

Kimberly Hearon

Elementary education '01

In Friday's column 'Democrats Should Approve Ashcroft,' Clint Cox fervently attempted to explain what he believed was a political nomination process gone awry. He even goes on to suggest that Democrats are some how seeking revenge for the still-debated election process by interrupting the nomination of Ashcroft. However, Cox could be no further from the truth.

Perhaps it is my bias as black that blocks me from seeing Cox's point of view. Yet to me, a man who fought against my ability to attend an institution such as this with whites has no business in the position of U.S. attorney general.

In addition, this same mentality was clearly seen in his rejection of federal justice nominee Ronnie White (who is black) in 1997. Put simply, Ashcroft outright halted a promising federal judgeship based on a plethora of falsehoods, which could be attributed to his questionable politics regarding race.

It is because of his lack of honesty on the issue of White and Ashcroft's war on integration that many still question his ability to fill the position with moral integrity. This is the reason for the standstill -- not some vendetta.

Having said that, I now ask: Where is the religious right? Once again, the hypocrisy of religious conservatives within this country is clearly demonstrated. Such individuals were fervent in their stance to condemn Bill Clinton for his moral misconduct. Where are they now? Maybe Cox is right. Maybe it is just a political game. Maybe it's racism. Yet the facts lead me to believe it is the latter.

James E. Tolbert

Political science '02

At times we all have an axe to grind. Currently, President Bush is grinding his axe in regards to the California energy crisis. Something disturbing here is Bush's 'hands-off' policy in regard to California.

While I do believe that California should try to solve its problem in its own manner, I don't like the fact that Bush is hiding behind the old 'states' rights' or 'hands-off' ploy.

Bush is in fact staying off of the energy crisis because one of the largests donors to his campaign, Enron Energy, is benefiting heavily off of California's problem.

California utilities are being forced to buy energy off of the wholesale market and with no regulation they are paying superficial prices. Enron, of course, sells this type of commodity and they are benefitting, taking advantage of, if you will, California's citizens. 'Supply and demand and free trade dictate the price of energy, and Enron is only adhering to this basic concept,' you might think. This might sound nice, but the concept of making a dollar does not mean gouging the consumers when you can. My energy bills back home have tripled.

The worst tie-in here is that Bush, the 'uniter of the country' and 'the president of morality,' is letting his contributors milk money from the public. Yes, this is a great way to start serving your country.

Jon Dragics


If you haven't seen a Lady Bears basketball game, you are really missing something. These girls are incredible on the court.

Their past few games have been record setting. This team made history last Wednesday as they defeated No. 7 Iowa State, handing them their first conference loss. The Lady Bears basketball team had never defeated a Top-10 team. Then on Saturday, they went out and soundly defeated University of Texas' Lady Longhorns and made history again, as this was the first time they had beaten two ranked opponents back to back. These girls have the desire to win and that's evident every game they play. Coach Kim Mulkey-Robertson is one of the greatest coaches that Baylor has. Her team is building the groundwork for something spectacular in the near future for Lady Bears basketball.

I don't mean to shortchange the men's basketball team, because the men's basketball team also is a very good team. Coach Dave Bliss has done a fine job with the men's basketball team, and they only way they can go is up.

Those guys play with extreme intensity, and everyone should at least see one of Terry Black's dunks. If you're tired of doing homework, or tired of saying, 'There's nothing to do in Waco,' go out and support these teams. They deserve it.

Grady Crowson

Finance '01