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Sad Super Bowl outcomes continue

Jan. 30, 2001


The Baltimore Ravens blew out the New York Giants 34 to 7 in Sunday's Super Bowl XXXV, and it marked the fourth year in a row the wrong team won.

Sadly, I will end my Baylor career having never been happy about the outcome of football's biggest game.

My misfortune of rooting for a Super Bowl winner began in 1997, my freshman year here. My Green Bay Packers (and they really are my team -- I own stock) sowed the first seeds of my pain in Super Bowl XXXII, losing to the Denver Broncos.

The next year was no better, as Denver won again, this time over the Atlanta Falcons. Then last season, the glorified flag-football team that is the St. Louis Rams literally ran past Tennessee for the NFL crown. Sunday, therefore, marked my last chance to celebrate a Super Bowl win while in college. All New York had to do was upset Baltimore, and I could go to bed -- nay, I could die -- a happy man.

Believe me, I did my part to secure a victory. While New York was punting on its first six possessions, I kept encouraging my team. When Brandon Stokley burned Jason Sehorn for Baltimore's first touchdown, I kept my cool, telling the G-Men there was a lot of football left. And when Kerry Collins threw the first of his four interceptions, I used nothing but positive reinforcement to boost New York's morale.

Eventually though, I realized I was beating my head against a wall. The Giants didn't need a sugar-coating of the facts -- they needed a swift kick in the rear. As a result, I got a little mad.

When Collins' record-tying fourth interception was returned for a touchdown, I screamed. If memory serves, 'You freaking moron' were my exact words. It was mean, but it worked. I got mad, and New York responded with Ron Dixon's 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. It was then, however, that I made a fatal mistake.

Instead of keeping a scowl on my face, I, in a moment of weakness, high-fived my roommate. The Giants obviously responded to my euphoria, became satisfied with themselves, and allowed an 83-yard touchdown return to Jermaine Lewis on the following kickoff. Ballgame.

After that, I tried everything to get New York back in the contest. I referred to the Bible. I labeled the officials as communists. I even called Lariat Editor in Chief Torie Johnson, all to no avail. Therefore, I am left with another off-season filled with thoughts of what could have been. But hark! During the misery that was the fourth quarter, I had an epiphany. College has clearly been bad for my Super Bowl teams; ergo, when I graduate in May, the tides will turn, and my teams will return to the happy locker room.

The last time Green Bay won a world title, I was a senior in high school. Just to be on the safe side, maybe I should go back.


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