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Joint effort builds basis for Baylor's near future

Jan. 30, 2001

Faculty, students provide input for 10-year vision


Staff writer

Last fall, President Robert B. Sloan Jr. called on both the faculty and student body and asked how they envisioned the university in 10 years.

Now those responses are being compiled into preliminary drafts that will establish a base structure and guideline to an ideal Baylor University in 2012.

'The 10-year vision is a cooperative effort with the students, staff, faculty and administration working together to make Baylor reach its potential as a competitive university,' Sloan said. 'And Baylor's Christian identity and unique academic experience are two basic themes that help tie that together.'

Dr. Steve Moore, vice president for student life, said Sloan's 10-year vision is an attempt to bring together different areas of the university for a common goal: 'helping Baylor be the best it can.'

'This is a chance for everyone who cares about the university to offer their input and be heard,' Moore said. 'And the basic question is 'What should Baylor look like in 10 years?''

Dr. Stan Madden, vice president for university relations, said the vision would create order that will aid in planning.

'It will be very helpful to have a long range theme to connect planning to,' Madden said. 'This is a snapshot of the various aspects of each department that lets us see where we need to be and help us make the necessary planning to get there.'

Madden said there are four major elements to the vision: academic excellence; community excellence, including campus life and faculty; athletic excellence; and enabling factors, such as financial resources.

Madden said the Board of Regents will review the preliminary drafts at its meeting next month and hopefully be able to launch the 10-year vision in 2002.

Moore began a series of 'brainstorming sessions' with the Student Congress in the fall and plans to continue those forums this spring.

Student body president Jon Rolph said he thought the meetings were important because it was a chance for students to be heard.

'The forums were a great opportunity for the student body to be heard,' Rolph said. 'It felt great because so many students were responding and the administration is listening.'

Rolph also said the 10-year vision is important because 'by looking down the road, Baylor will be able to make the necessary decisions to have a positive impact on the future.'

Moore said three other meetings are already planned in an effort to continue the dialogue between students and administration. The meetings will occur on Feb. 13, March 20 and April 19.

Moore also said that if students are not able to reach their representatives in Student Congress, he welcomes e-mails.

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