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Band prepares for Dallas, Austin with local venues

Jan. 26, 2001



Identi-kit, a band made up of four Baylor seniors, has played numerous live shows in Waco and, with their increasing confidence, they plan to venture out to the Austin and Dallas music scenes.

Joe Silva, Jon Carroll, Wes Hanson and Chris Heckler created Identi-kit a little over five months ago. Since then, the band has gained valuable experience by playing at various venues around Waco.

The energetic band has played gigs at Scruffy Murphy's, Continental Cowboy and Six Shooter Junction, and they once played in Denton at the Rib Shack.

Chris Heckler, the bassist for Identi-kit, is optimistic about the band's future.

'We want to get good playing around Waco, and then later we want to move towards performing live in Austin at Lucy's on Sixth Street or in Dallas at the Curtain Club,' Heckler said.

Identi-kit performed its first live show of the semester last Friday at Scruffy Murphy's. Lynea Sibley, a Longview junior, was impressed by Identi-kit's show.

'I like Identi-kit's unique sense of style, which seems to complement their music performance,' she said.

Members of Identi-kit have their own distinctive music backgrounds and influences.

On stage, their varied music styles blend together to create a unique sound. For about two weeks, Identi-kit plans to refine new song lyrics and the band will be ready to play more shows in the near future.

Silva, lead vocals/guitarist, is influenced by techno and industrial music while Carroll, lead guitarist/backup vocals, prefers Indie Rock. Hanson, the drummer, and Heckler, the bassist, are both influenced by heavier bands such as TOOL, Korn and Hum.

Identi-kit hopes to see how far it can go after college. Before the band begins to play in Austin and Dallas, Identi-kit plans to pay its dues in the Waco music scene.

'We are kind of stuck playing in Waco for now, but I'd like to see how far Identi-kit can go,' Silva said.

Silva creates and writes the lyrics for Identi-kit while each of the members add their individual ideas to the music.

Carroll contributes to the band with his high-energy guitar playing and he also came up with the band's name.

'Jon's guitar playing gives the music a twist,' Heckler said. 'He changes the filter and uses different riffs to make it sound like Identi-kit.'

Hanson is excited about playing with Identi-kit because it allows him to have a creative outlet in his life.

'My favorite part so far is the chance to play in front of an audience.' Hanson said. 'All four of us have been waiting a long time to do this and it is finally coming together.'