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Spring Breaking News

Jan. 26, 2001

Plans begin for March break though weeks remain



With Spring Break just around the corner, students are quickly trying to decide where to go so they can reserve their hotels before they fill up.

While some students are considering other options, the beach seems to be the most popular destination for Baylor students.

'I'm very excited about going on my first Spring Break trip,' said Margaret Denman, a Mt. Pleasant freshman. 'We haven't decided where we are going yet, but with the group of girls I am going with, I know it will be fun.'

If your Spring Break plans are in limbo, here are the three best places to go for Spring Break fun under the sun.


Mexico has always been a haven for Spring Breakers. The exotic beaches and crazy night life make Cancun the most popular destination for students who want to leave the country. With all the travel agents and Web sites advertising hotels and packages, booking a trip to Cancun can become confusing. It is important to make sure the travel guides are legitimate, because many students have found what is advertised is not what they get. The biggest concern for most Baylor students has been the packages' promises of being 'all-inclusive.' In Cancun, 'all-inclusive' normally means there will be a place where you can get free food and drinks starting at a certain time and ending at a certain time.

However, even with the potential problems, Cancun remains a favorite.

Lori Dolan, a Waco junior, is throwing caution to the wind and giving Cancun a try.

'I'm going with some of my Baylor friends in a big group,' Dolan said.

Cancun is the most expensive of the beach locations. An average price of a package is around $600, but expect to need at least $100 to $200 in spending money.

Panama City

For students looking for some fun with a road trip, Panama City, Fla., is definitely a hot spot.

'We put 2,500 miles on my car last year,' said Joe Pat McGuigen, a Nashville, Tenn., junior.

Hotels in the heart of Panama City can be hard to come by. So an interesting way to solve the problem of the long drive and finding a hotel is to rent a recreational vehicle. An RV provides more comfort and entertainment than a car for the drive, but less comfort and hygiene than a hotel for the stay. RVs typically run around $100 a person for one week with a mileage limit of 700 kilometers. After that, it's 24 cents a kilometer.

McGuigen said he is returning this year.

'It's wild. People are just going crazy everywhere, including the streets,' McGuigen said.

The long drive costs gas money, and the hotels can be somewhat expensive, but Panama City can be a little cheaper than Cancun if you plan it out right.

South Padre Island

The closest beach with all the night life fun is definitely South Padre Island. With Padre only a seven- or eight-hour car ride away, it has grown into a Baylor Spring Break favorite.

Because most of the other Texas schools have Spring Break the week after Baylor, many students say they run into fellow Baylor students on the beach and at the clubs.

'I heard there are two really cool places to go at night,' said Allison Pritchard, a Livingston senior. 'So it will be easy to find everyone from Baylor that is in Padre.'

During the day, most of the activity is outside of the Radisson Hotel.

Greg Riddell, an Austin senior, went to Padre last year for Spring Break with five of his fraternity brothers.

'I hung out at the beach all day and partied all night. One night I even slept on the balcony overlooking the ocean.'

Of all the beach locations, Padre is the cheapest.

The gas expenses, hotel room, and spending money could be covered for $400 to $500 dollars, according to two Baylor students who had recently been.