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Potholes by library still causing trouble

Jan. 26, 2001


repairs needed to fix problem


Staff writer

Ever since they first appeared last semester, several potholes near Moody Memorial Library remain a driving hazard for visitors to the library and campus. The potholes will require an underground repair project to permanently solve the problem.

Neil Scarborough, the building services manager, said the potholes are caused by the uncovered groundwater from the seminary construction site that runs down toward the library. He said there is a future plan to redo the intersection, but the process will require closing the intersection for two to three days.

Tabita Green, a Stockholm, Sweden, junior, said she had noticed the drainage problem around the library.

'The drainage is horrible on this campus,' Green said. 'When it rains the library becomes an island. You have to wade across to get in. It seems like our tuition could go to fix it.'

The holes, which cause many people to scrape the bottom of their cars, have irritated some students.

'The hole annoys me,' Green said. 'I wonder if they're ever going to fix the hole, or if it's going to ruin my car.'

Another student said she believes the problem should have already been resolved.

'I think it's an inconvenience to drive, especially at night,' said Lea Urrutia, a Dallas freshman. 'If you are too late to notice it, you can drive right in. There's no clear path to drive through. It's a problem that should have been fixed last semester.'