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Letters to the Editor

Jan. 25, 2001

Nealeigh failed to get both sides in column about NPR, KWBU

In response to the column in Tuesday's Baylor Lariat from Nat Nealeigh: When KWBU-FM became affiliated with NPR and PRI, some changes needed to be made. One: Maintain a consistent program schedule. Two: Demonstrate a high level of responsibility. Having student workers during the semester was something we could not have in our program schedule. In addition to live air shifts, students needed to pre-produce programming in order to keep consistency in the schedule, even during the semester break.

In October 2000, after some of the bugs were worked out with the changeover, I let the students know there was a new opportunity here on campus. What a great bullet point NPR would be on a resume. Consistency was the point stressed more than any other.

On one occasion, a student left the studio with the same CD tracking overnight. At semester's end, the students went away for the holidays leaving nothing to air. This left us no choice but to go back to national programming.

Any student who goes to work at a radio station in the 'real world' will find far more strict policies and procedures than those in place at KWBU-FM.

We are still looking for students to participate in KWBU-FM. The positions are not the traditional 'DJ' positions, but there is much to be learned about radio station operations.

No, it is not the freewheeling 'radio free Waco' you've been accustomed to. KWBU is now a National Public Radio affiliate. KWBU-FM is not 'anti-student.' KWBU-FM is 'professional.'

Not once did Nealeigh speak with me about student participation at KWBU-FM. If he were listening to Morning Edition and All Things Considered he would find that there are two sides to every story. How about getting ours next time?

Brodie Bashaw

KWBU-FM station manager