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Service to mark anniversary of abortion decision

Jan. 25, 2001

Protestants, Catholics to remember lost lives, effects of Roe v. Wade



A Waco anti-abortion organization is planning a service tonight to mark the 28th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

The fourth annual 'Memorial for the Innocents,' organized by Greater Waco Respect Life, is scheduled for 7 tonight in the Catholic Student Center.

The ceremony will bring together Protestant and Catholic anti-abortionists to remember lives they believe have been lost to abortion and to recognize women affected by the procedure. The program for the service includes representatives from the Catholic Student Center, Baylor University's Bears for Life and two local evangelical Protestant churches.

'We will have prayer, song and people talking about their experiences with this issue facing our nation,' said Dr. John Pisciotta, a member of Greater Waco Respect Life and associate professor of economics. 'The issue is more of changing hearts and minds than changing laws.'

Barbara Myers, a leader in Greater Waco Respect Life, said the organization opposes legalized abortion and the Roe v. Wade decision, but that its members prefer to focus on positive ways to promote their views rather than using tactics like protests and demonstrations.

'It's not just a political view,' Myers said. 'We work to educate and socially help men and women.'

Greater Waco Respect Life supports the physical and economic needs of young women with children through local Catholic churches and sponsors programs, like tonight's service, to educate the community about abortion issues.

Erin Connors, Bears for Life president, said the group will participate in the memorial service and hopes the activities will help the club educate students about the anti-abortion position.

Connors, a Houston junior, also said she appreciated President George W. Bush's recent decision to withdraw funds from international family planning organizations that support abortion.

'I am very thankful that Bush took that step,' Connors said. 'The fact that it came so close to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade made it that much more special.'

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