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Money in Student Life Fund awaits use

Jan. 25, 2001

$36,000 available for groups wanting to benefit campus


Staff Writer

More than $36,000 is waiting in the Student Life Fund to be claimed by students interested in 'benefiting the campus.'

The fund consists of one dollar given each semester from every student, and is available through the offices of student government.

Internal Vice President Matthew Flanigan said a lot of the time students do not know the funds are available for them.

'The money that is here is for students. I want to encourage people to take advantage of it,' Flanigan said.

A group or organization can request funds by filling out a congressional action request form. The form must first be sponsored by a congressman. The congressman will then present it to Student Congress, where a vote will be taken on whether to allocate the funds.

'There are some hoops to jump through, but the process is not difficult or time consuming,' said Josh Flynt, a national officer for the College Republicans.

The funds are available for any on-campus group or organization that wants to use the funds for the benefit of the campus as a whole.

'I think everyone has a different opinion about what benefits students as a whole,' said Flynt.

This factor has caused controversy in the past.

Last year, Student Body President Jon Rolph vetoed two allocations that he felt did not benefit the campus as a whole. However, Rolph has not vetoed any allocations this year.

In the past, organizations have used part of the fund to bring in such speakers as Oliver North and Desmond Tutu as well as contribute to the Lupe Medina Drowsy Driving Fund.

After the funds have been used, Student Congress will then follow up on how it was spent. Any funds that remain will go back to the Student Life Fund for other groups awaiting the money.

'I'm scared there is a negative connotation about the Student Life Fund, but it is a good thing,' Flanigan said. 'We want students to use it because it is their money.'

Flanigan said efforts are being made to make the funds more available. 'There has been talk about changing the guidelines of the funds,' he said.

If the guidelines are changed, the fund will be available not only for student-centered activities, but also for people in the community.

Flanigan said the funds have reached a high because students aren't requesting the funds and there has not been a big allocation recently.

Flynt said if the student fees that fuel the Student Life Fund went up to $5 per student, Student Congress would be able to use the money to do larger things.

'There is a lot of money in the fund, but sometimes Student Congress is sometimes guarded,' Flynt said.

For more information about the available fund or how to apply, contact the Student Government Office at 710-2379.

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