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Sloan names new staff chief

Jan. 23, 2001

Alumnus returns after stint in politics


Staff writer

President Robert B. Sloan Jr. announced Monday the appointment of Jerome Loughridge as chief of staff to the president, effective Feb.5.

Loughridge, the former director of field operations for Oklahoma Sen. Don Nickles, will serve three major functions to the president: organizing and merging Sloan's executive office, serving as a liaison for a number of constituents, including the Board of Regents, and facilitating work for the executive council.

Although Loughridge said he acknowledges that his position is not the most 'traditional university position,' he said it was a position that will allow the president more time to pursue 'more important issues' regarding the university.

'President Sloan is a tremendous visionary and hopefully my position will only reinforce that,' Loughridge said.

'The president should be out in the campus and community, making the school a better place, instead of having to take care of management issues.'

Dr. Randall O'Brien, who is currently the interim dean for the George W. Truett Seminary, said Loughridge is a wonderful addition to the faculty.

'Jerome is really going to help by basically overseeing the day-to-day operations of the president's office and allow the president time to work,' he said. 'Sloan has made a wonderful selection with appointing Jerome Loughridge.'

O'Brien, who has also served as the president's assistant for two years, said his position in no way coincides with Loughridge's chief of staff position.

'We will probably be working side-by-side on a lot of operations and special assignments, but his duties will be totally separate from mine,' he said. 'Jerome will have more of a 'managerial-like' position, where I will most likely represent Sloan in some other capacity.'

Loughridge, who is also an alumnus, said he is looking forward to returning to an institution he has always admired.

'I think Baylor is in a unique position to move into the top tier of national universities while demonstrating its commitments to Christian values,' he said. 'I want to be a part of that kind of institution.'