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BIC early registration key issue in meeting

Jan. 23, 2001



The students in another special program may be on their way to registering early. Student Congress passed a resolution recommending that freshmen and sophomores in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core be allowed to register early with Dean's List students. The bill calls for BIC students to register early for their freshman spring semester and sophomores for their fall and spring semesters.

The bill will have to be signed by Student Body president Jon Rolph before being passed on to the administration for final approval.

'They were thinking of doing it [allowing BIC students to register early] anyway and the fact that we recommended it is good,' said Congresswoman and sponsorer of the bill Lesley-Anne Dyer said.

'It was in response to what I heard,' Dyer said. 'As an honors student, I don't get any benefit out of it. I just saw a problem and wanted to fix it.'

During the spring semester, freshmen take six BIC hours. Sophomores take 10 hours each semester. Students must schedule other classes around these, especially since some have only one section available.

BIC students have the same academic advisor throughout their college years.

'Sometimes I've worked for weeks on students schedules,' said Kirsten Escobar, assistant director of the BIC program and an advisor.

Abram Gorena, a Wimberley senior in the BIC program, said he has wanted to see this happen for a long time.

This bill will not help present seniors, juniors and sophomores but may be in affect in time to benefit the current freshmen.

The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core is now in its sixth year.

'When this program started, it was an experiment,' said BIC Assistant Director Kirsten Escobar. 'The BIC is here to stay. It's not an experiment any more.'

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