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Congress approves several student-focused bills

Jan. 23, 2001

Student leaders target lighting, kiosk problems



Student Congress met Thursday and recommended allowing Baylor Interdisciplinary Core students to register early for two semesters, establishing e-mail kiosks in Memorial and Penland cafeterias, installing better lighting on campus and giving the Baylor Chamber of Commerce $225 for three Traditions Week banners.

Congress voted to recommend that BIC freshmen register early for their sophomore fall semester and to allow sophomore students to register early for their spring semester.

Congresswoman Lesley-Anne Dyer, a Houston freshman, sponsored the bill. According to BIC assistant director Kirsten Escobar, many premedical and engineering students in the BIC still cannot find space in classes they need in order to advance to the next level in their major studies.

Congress also recommended installing four computers in the left part of the entry to Memorial cafeteria as a service for the large number of students who eat there. At least two of the computers would have full Internet access, with the rest serving as e-mail kiosks.

Glenn Roush Jr., a Mesquite sophomore who penned the bill, is currently researching a place for similar stations in Penland Cafeteria and said he hopes that this will help alleviate lines for computer use in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

'The SUB computers get enough traffic as it is. By placing retired computers from Moody Library in these cafeterias, we think that would make things easier for students,' Roush said.

Ryan Vauk, a Grapevine sophomore, drafted a recommendation for better lighting on campus. According to this recommendation, a member of the congress, a Department of Public Safety officer and a physical plant worker would take a walk through campus once a month looking for dimly lit places or malfunctioning lights. Similar programs have worked at the University of Toronto and Duke University.

Congress also recommended that the Baylor Chamber of Commerce have $225 to spend on banners for Traditions Week. Traditions Week, sponsored by the sophomore class, began five years ago and will be the week of Jan. 29 through Feb. 2 this year.

Student Body President John Rolph, a Wichita, Kan., senior, said that applications for the two vacancies in Student Court are due Wednesday. Applicants must have spent two semesters at Baylor University and hold at least a 2.5 grade point average.