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Fun & Games:Sony system remains hot item

Jan. 19, 2001



The video game craze hit a peak this Christmas with Sony's release of PlayStation 2. The video game console has the best graphic resolution available, and the Internet-compatible device also doubles as a DVD player and is the fastest of the current video game systems. It costs $299, but the trick is finding one.

PlayStation 2 has been so hard to find that people have paid up to $1,000 on E-bay to buy one. Most local retailers say more PlayStation 2's come in about once a week, but they never know how many will be in each shipment.

An employee of Special Effects in Richland Mall said that he has five or six people come in a day asking about them.

'I have no idea when we will get any more,' the employee said. 'But I know they will not be easily available until March.'

Ryan Cox, a Dallas junior, said he found the same results when he tried to get his PlayStation 2.

'It got to the point that I would walk in stores and the people were looking at me like I was an idiot because they knew what I was about to ask,' Cox said.

Cox said he and his brother looked all over Dallas for the system until they finally found one on Christmas Eve.

'I love it,' Cox said. 'The graphics are so real. It's life like. I think Madden (a football game) is the best sports game out right now. The commentary is perfect and it never gets behind like the old systems.'

Jeremy Kampen, a Plano senior, got a PlayStation 2 as well. Well, that is to say, his mother got him one by standing in line at Best Buy at 5 a.m. and waiting for the store to open four hours later.

Kampen said he is happy with his PlayStation 2 but has heard that some people are having problems.

'My friend's PlayStation 2 kept skipping when it played DVD's,' Kampen said. 'And when he took it in to see if it could be fixed, someone else was complaining that their PlayStation 2 was jamming the disk drive and it wouldn't open. I am just hoping this doesn't happen to mine.'

Right now it seems the best way to find a PlayStation 2 is on the Web. There are a couple of listings at in the classified section. However, none of the ads were less than $400.