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Weather cancels36 soccer matches

Jan. 19, 2001



The rain has been pouring for more than a week, and while it's good for the plants and rivers, it's bad for intramural soccer.

Three days of games have been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, leaving a whopping 36 games to be rescheduled.

Many students question why the soccer season was scheduled during such a cold and rainy time of year. In the past, outdoor soccer was played in the fall.

'Soccer provides our fields with the most wear and tear so we scheduled it between the longest layoff periods,' said Kevin Engelbrecht, coordinator of intramural sports. 'It is seven weeks after flag football and eight weeks before softball.'

Outdoor soccer has the least amount of participation among all the intramural sports. Only 71 teams registered for soccer, whereas 210 teams signed up for softball last year.

Since there are more teams involved in other sports, these sports are placed in seasons with more daylight so more games can be played.

'Our guys don't want to play in the rain and cold weather, and it is hard getting them out for Saturday games,' said Jonathan Hayes, a Springfield, Mo., senior and intramural chairman for Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Team managers are also concerned about the conditions of the field since Baylor spent thousands of dollars upgrading the fields last year.

Campus recreation has put a large amount of money into intramural soccer this semester. Engelbrecht fought for a budget of $10,000 to buy top-of-the-line European KwikGoals, new nets, corner flags, scrimmage vests and referee uniforms.

'The old soccer goals we had were a safety concern,' Engelbrecht said. 'They were low quality and fell over very often. These are the best goals on the market and were recommended to me by the head women's soccer Coach Nick Cowell.'

Engelbrecht's main concern is the need for lights on the intramural field. Teams play from Monday to Saturday from 3 p.m. until it gets dark.

'We have had to limit the number of teams that could enter and denied all open teams the opportunity to play due to lack of daylight,' Engelbrecht said.

League playoffs are scheduled for next Thursday and Friday and the All-University Soccer Championship for men and women is scheduled for all day Jan. 27.