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More parking needed on northwest side

Jan. 18, 2001

The construction of the building for the George W. Truett Theological Seminary has been a major inconvenience to Baylor students and faculty. As new buildings continue to pop up on campus, the parking problem will only get worse, especially for students and staff that use the Castellaw Communications Center, Russell Residence Hall, Moody Memorial Library, Marrs McLean Science Building and eventually, the new seminary.

Baylor should quickly work to build a new parking garage in this part of campus to alleviate the deteriorating parking situation on the northwest side of campus.

Parking at Baylor may not be as bad as at some other universities, but there is still not enough. Sure, there is a trolley available and alternate parking at the Ferrell Special Events Center, but for various reasons many students and faculty simply must drive their vehicles to class or to work. The space is available to build another parking garage on campus, and as long as it is, Baylor should take advantage of that.

The convenience of the new garage on Speight Avenue has helped that area of campus tremendously. That part of campus desperately needed more parking options, just as the northwest side now, and especially in the future, needs a parking garage.

This new parking garage should be large enough to not only make up for the spots lost due to the new seminary, but also to allow for future growth. Students and faculty need another parking garage, and Baylor has the space to for one. That should be reason enough to build it.