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Seize opportunities new semester brings

Jan. 17, 2001

Welcome back to Baylor. We are glad that, for the first time in recent memory, there were no deadly car accidents over the break. It seems that the heightened efforts at making students aware of the impact of drowsy, drunken and reckless driving has paid off.

Now that you're back, take advantage of the opportunity to start over that each new semester brings. There are new schedules, new classes, new professors and new social activities that allow students to put the past semester behind them and get off to a fresh start.

The new semester is a fresh start for The Lariat, as well. In particular, we have re-designed the front page and the opinion page to give a more modern look. The editorial board hopes you find the page to be more readable and engaging. The opinion page will now include two staff columns in an effort to include more diverse opinions on a wider range of issues. Along that line, we will periodically have two reporters with very different political opinions face off on a particular issue.

We at The Lariat want constant communication between our staff and our readers. We encourage you to send us letters to the editor with your comments, questions and suggestions about the paper in general or individual stories, columns and editorials.

As the students and The Lariat get the chance at a fresh start to this semester, let us both take advantage of the opportunity. The Lariat will strive to serve its readers the best it can, and we encourage the students to look at the spring semester as a new beginning -- a chance to forget about any worries, problems or mistakes of the past semester.