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Memorial water still too chilly

Jan. 17, 2001



Since classes started last week, the women living in Memorial Residence Hall have not been able to take hot showers early in the morning. Many complaints are written down every day in the front desk notebook, but as of Tuesday, Memorial still did not have hot water early in the morning. Memorial's residents said they do not understand what is going on.

'We get sick taking cold showers and then going outside where it's freezing,' Erin Ignelzi, a Houston senior and third floor resident, said. 'Why can't they fix it quicker with all the money we spent for living here every semester?'

'It's frustrating,' agrees Abby Marsh, a Weatherford senior living on the second floor.

So the women kept waiting, rescheduling their day, taking one-minute showers or just postponing it for after class when the water is warmer. Memorial's director, Nadine Bruner, said that no other dorms have been experiencing the same problem, except for the short time that Collins Hall did.

The reason why Memorial is suffering cold water before 10 a.m. every morning has not been discovered yet. According to Bruner, maintenance went through the building to figure out the problem.

'They came over to check, but could not localize it,' she said. 'They decided it was probably too much demand and so, they made some adjustments on the flow of hot water.'

'Everybody opens the water at the same time, which obviously is too much demand for the equipment,' Kenneth Pollard, Assistant Director in charge of the facility services said. 'We must be sure that it is not connected with some supply problems. If not, the only thing we can do is inflate the steam water pressure.'

Workers did that this weekend, but it appeared that the water was still not warm on Tuesday morning. The ARAMARK Company in charge of the heating around the campus, tried to solve the problem.

'On Monday and Tuesday, we were better with the equipment than we were last week. We increased the steam but we noticed the same problem. Now I have to go and check by myself to see what you guys are telling me,' said Kenneth Haltom, senior control machinist at ARAMARK.

The heat at the Temperature Control Center needs to be maintained at 130 degrees but that temperature dropped dramatically between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

If the water seems frozen for the residents, the situation is still not as bad as last week when the water dropped under 71 degrees. The ARAMARK Company affirms that they are still working on the problem. Haltom said that staff workers should come and measure the effective water temperature running from the taps today.

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