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Letters to the Editor

Feb. 28, 2001

Sing Alliance should have fared better

One more year, one more shunning of a well-conceived, well-executed, creative, wildly entertaining offering at Sing. Sing Alliance combined the best theme development of the entire show with great costumes, great music, a well-done backdrop and relevant choreography.

At first glance, it seems that the only thing -- barring repeated time violations hidden to the audience at large -- keeping Sing Alliance out of Pigskin (they should have been in the top 3) was their failure to include a cheerleading competition within the confines of their show. With 'Cats' making Pigskin sans said style of choreography, I have to wonder: Just what was it the judges didn't like about Sing Alliance?

Did the judges completely miss the cutting-edge humor by the clever usage of pop culture that made the audience laugh out loud and smile contentedly and say, 'Now that's some good stuff right there'?

Until the Sing mindset incorporates the innovation and multiple-levels of intelligent, humorous fun exhibited by Sing Alliance, Sing will be mired in the hackneyed pattern of sometimes entertaining but often unimaginative shows. Sing Alliance deserves better, as do Sing's patrons.

Daren Butler

Master's candidate, Music and Divinity '03

Mark Peterson brought up some interesting issues in his article on Tuesday about the creation vs. evolution debate. I feel strongly that we are on this earth for a purpose, and we are not here by some fluke.

Contrary to Peterson, I feel that it is not a waste of time to support creationism. In fact, I think it is essential. It is a shame that kids are being taught evolution as if it definitely happened. The idea of creationism is rarely discussed. In my opinion, there are many signs that God is creator, but I have no concrete proof. I have seen no proof of evolution either. Is it too much to ask to include creationism along side the other theories?

Zach Tuthill

Undecided '04

'Golf -- not a sport: It necessitates a ton of skill but no athletic ability. They wear slacks and collared shirts, for goodness sake.'

Does Tyler Emler have any idea what goes on outside of what he is seeing on television? PGA Tour stars like Tiger Woods, David Duval, Davis Love III and many other players are seen every day working out in the fitness trailer so they won't have to worry about running out of energy and costing themselves a chance to win on Sunday afternoon.

As to Emler's quote about having skill but no athletic ability, I grew up playing other sports on a competitive level, like soccer and baseball. Many other golfers I know took the same route. It would seem that one would have to have some athleticism to succeed playing those sports and it helped me play collegiate golf at a high level. There are exceptions, but not many.

Aaron Pellegrom

Marketing '01