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Couts strains hamstring at Nebraska

Feb. 27, 2001

Baylor sweeps 1st through 4th in 400-meter final



Even losing anchor Brandon Couts to a hamstring strain couldn't keep the Baylor Men's 4x400-meter relay team out of 1st place Saturday at the Big 12 Indoor Championships hosted by the University of Nebraska.

The 4x400-meter relay team left their competition in the dust while winning Baylor's fourth consecutive indoor title in the event.

Couts strained his right hamstring Saturday in the 200-meter final, leaving him out of the highly anticipated 4x400-meter relay, but not before successfully defending his title in the 400-meter indoor final.

'I was getting ready to start pressing in the last 100,' Couts said. 'I had a mark in my head where I was going to press. I didn't make it to that mark. I thought it was going to give, and I'd still be able to run, but it kept grabbing, so I had to stop... . I wasn't even running yet-- I was comfortable.'

Couts earned two points for the team totals by placing seventh favoring his injured leg.

'We had a lot of great things happen,' head Coach Clyde Hart said. '... it puts a cloud over things when you lose probably the best athlete in the Big 12 in track and field.'

The 400-meter final was held earlier in the day and was dominated by Baylor. The Bears' point total for the event was 31; no other team scored more than 23 points in any event.

'For the most part, our kids did a good job,' Hart said. 'We could have finished higher if not for that injury. But again, a lot of teams probably could have done the same thing if they had not had some injuries. So, we're just glad it's over, and we've got to get Brandon [Couts] well.'