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BU spring break should coincide with Tech, A&M

Feb. 27, 2001

Friday, Baylor students and faculty will begin their spring break, giving all of us a much-needed break from the day-to-day rigors of school. However, as is traditionally the case, Baylor's spring break will occur a week before most other universities' in Texas. That means many Baylor students with friends who attend other colleges across the state will not be able to spend time with them over the break.

Baylor officials should allow its students to have the same spring break as many other schools in Texas so that students are able to see their friends from high school over the break.

There are a couple of reasons that Baylor observes spring break a week before most other schools in Texas. First, because Baylor's spring semester starts a week before other schools, our mid-term falls a week earlier.

Another reason is that this week is the week of Waco Independent School District's spring break, and it allows faculty and staff the opportunity to spend the break with their families.

However, we believe these two reasons are not fair to most Baylor students. Despite the fact that Baylor starts classes a week before most other colleges in Texas, we doubt that students would mind going to class for a week longer, if it meant getting their spring break the same week as their friends at schools such as Texas A&M University, the University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech University.

While holding spring break the same week as WISD's spring break is convenient for faculty and staff, it does not take into account students' desire to spend time with their friends at other universities.

Baylor exists primarily for the students, and especially in planning spring break, the university should consider the students at least as much as the faculty and staff. The faculty and staff get to spend time with their family members every week because they live in Waco. But most students are not from Waco, and they are deprived from seeing their non-Baylor friends during this time.

The purpose of spring break is for students to relax and enjoy themselves. But by holding spring break a week before other schools in Texas, it does not allow many students to fully enjoy their break, as they cannot spend the time with their friends at other schools.