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Band performs during campus lunch hour

Feb. 27, 2001

Greek Council sponsors outdoor event in hopes of benefiting students' spirits



The Greek Council for Christ hosted an outdoor concert performed by Wide Awake, a Christian group out of Seattle, on Monday. The council's intention was to bring students together with music during the lunch break.

Nate Navarro, the rhythm guitarist of Wide Awake, said the band's desire is to create lyrics and to unite people through the music.

'We are everyday guys who just want to have fun,' Navarro said. 'It is all about being real.'

Wide Awake performed at 11:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. at the Fountain Mall. Many students brought their lunch outside and enjoyed the live music with friends.

Dana Swanson, a Des Moines, Iowa, junior, listened to the outdoor music entertainment while she ate a picnic lunch.

'They had an interesting mix of good vocals and smooth guitar riffs,' Swanson said. 'It is nice to see live music on campus, and it is beneficial to the student body to see talented, young musicians.'

Jo Ann Sharkey, a Houston senior and co-director of Greek Council for Christ, said the band has toured campuses and churches across Texas performing Christian alternative music.

Last week, the band played at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin and also at the Houston Metropolitan Theater in Houston.

'The Greek Council for Christ is hosting events that will be beneficial to the religious life of Baylor students,' Sharkey said. 'The purpose of the outdoor concert is to have fun listening to Christian music and to bring unity to students.'

The largest audience at the concert came around noon. The location of the stage allowed students to hear the music as they walked to classes.

Katie Berger, a University of Texas at Austin student, helps the band manager of Wide Awake with tours to colleges and churches.

'Hero is the band's most popular song because the fresh and original lyrics speak to a broad audience,' Berger said.

She also said Hero has been a success with the West Coast radio stations, especially in Los Angeles.

Evan Lecker, a Woodlands freshman and the guitarist for a local band, said it was a good idea for the concert to be at the Fountain Mall.

'The band had catchy lyrics that grabbed my attention, so I had to stop and listen,' he said. 'The location of the event was convenient for students.'