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Feb. 23, 2001

20 groups prepare for final Sing performances



From the lost boys of Sigma Chi to the band boys of Kappa Sigma, the tension is high and every group is working twice as hard this week to polish their acts and make the performances the best for the eight new judges this weekend.

Every performance of the 'All University Sing' is sold out, which forced the ticket office to sell tickets to Thursday night's dress rehearsal. All 20 spots for the show are filled, which resulted in the high demand for tickets.

The last performance was one of the first to sell out because it is during this final show that the first through third-place winners, and those awarded a spot to perform at Pigskin Revue in the fall, are announced.

Many individuals contributed to the long-time Baylor tradition, from the Sing cast to the stage crew, ushers, the Sing production committee and the Segues. All of these groups are under the direction of the student activities department.

It takes almost a full year to put together and plan the show, Chad Peterson, director of special performances, said. The sing chairmen and chairwomen have to give their theme ideas in April for the following spring performance.

Countless hours of preparation go into all parts of the show. The cast, however, is only allowed 14 hours of practice a week.

'It is stressful at times, but in the end it is all worth it,' Sarah Yablonski, sophomore member of Alpha Chi Omega, said. 'Each day we come to practice we set goals for the day and try to keep a positive attitude.'

The Waco Hall crew members keep the excitement level high behind the stage for all of the performers, cheering them on while they perform. The Waco Hall crew is responsible for lifting the curtain, switching out the microphones, and directing traffic behind the stage. Each light change and microphone switch must be done precisely and accurately according to the schedule made at stage practices.

There are four times allotted for each act so they can get a feel for performing on the stage. The sing chairmen and the technicians coordinate the lighting and visual effects at this time.

Though this is the last weekend for Sing for 2001, the groups do not have much time before they begin thinking and planning for next year's show.